Do You Have A Story That You Need to Tell?

But do you sometimes think that you are to young to tell it? 
Are you working on a novel, screen play or short story that you want to publish?
This site can be the writing buddy that can help you on your way to writing success, for all teens, (pre-teens, children, infants, etc.) who want to write.

My Story

I am going into grade 11 next summer, and am working on editing the novel I finished the summer before. Editing sucks! My dream is to publish it though traditional publishing methods, so I hope to have some query letters sent out by the end of the summer. My novel, Hudson by the Day, was not my first attempt at novel writing. I also tried a science fiction novel and a screen play. Both were terrible, so what did I do? I kept on writing. While I was writing last summer, I found that though there are many writing sites in the internet, there are none geared towards young aspiring novelists. So, I created this site, and I hope it can help you on your personal writing journey.

What You Need to Become a Novelist

Anyone can be a writer, but do you have what it takes to finish a novel?
  1. An IMAGINATION (No one likes a parrot)
  2. A notebook, it will become your bible to your novel.
  3. Endless patience (Sometimes called perseverance)
  4. Time 
  5. A reader's mind
  6. Lots of books on everything there is to know about reading, writing and the subject you are writing about

Books for The Young Novelist

I would be unable to survive the writing process without these trusty companions

Telling Lies for Fun& Profit: Lawrence Block
Bird by Bird: Annie Lamott **
Writing the Break Out Novel   Donald Maass    **
Writing Down the Bones: Natalie Goldberg       **
Sin and Syntax: Constance Hale                         
Rewrite Right: Jan Venolia   
Write Right: Jan Venolia*
The Gremlins of Grammar: Toni Boyle and K.D. Sullivan
Stephen King on Writing **
The Lie that Tells the Truth: John Dufresne 
Characters and Viewpoint: Orson Scott Card
Zen in the Art of Writing: Ray Bradbury
Beginnings, Middles, and Ends: Nancy kress
Conflict, Action, and Suspense: William Noble
Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint: Nancy Kress
The Canadian Writer’s handbook:
On Becoming a Novelist: John Gardner
The First Five Pages: Noah Lukeman
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: Renni Browne and Dave King ***
The Elements of Style: William Strunk and White    ***
The Art of Fiction: John Gardner
How to Write a Damn Good Novel: James N. Frey
Stein on Writing: Sol Stein   ***
Writing The Breakout Novel: Donald Maass  **
How to Grow a Novel: Sol Stein ***
How to Write and Sell Your Novel: Oscar Collier
The Writer’s Journey: Christopher Vogler
The Anatomy of Story: John Truby **
Story: Robert McKee
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: Jane Strauss
The Chicago Manual of Style