Post Title. 09/01/2011
Post Title. 09/01/2011
The Young Novelist's biggest challenge? 
How am I going to face it?
I will try to write 1000 words a week.
Can I meet this goal?
I have absolutely no idea.
As all writers, young and decrepit, must do, I started my own blog. (This is not a blog, but a mere extension to my website, and it is very inconvenient for me to write posts.) So hear about my trails and tribulations on There are lots of contests for young writers to showcase their stuff. I will still leave posts here, if I feel like it...
Nextgenwriters 08/03/2011
A great course has come to a close. I look forward to submitting queries on September second to nextgenwriters for critique. I will have to take a break from writing for a while because visitors are coming. But write fellow teens.
_ the young novelist

Post Title. 08/02/2011
Here is my query letter, and I would love feedback. Submit your own and I will respond.

Dear Agent 007

I have been recognised several times for writing and poetry. In my dystopian novel, HUDSON BY THE DAY, a lonely librarian, Adrienne Page thinks there is no way of escaping her isolated town. That doesn’t bother her until a boy from her neighbourhood disappears, like so many other young men in her community. As a committed mentor to the boy she vows to find him. By using her book smarts and curiosity, she manages to leave her community, but only to discover that she has treaded into a sinister outside world.

HUDSON BY THE DAY is 62 000 words. I look forward to hearing a response. You can reach me by email, or phone (555-555-5555) I have included 10 sample pages below.


The young novelist

Post Title. 08/02/2011
I finished my second draft. Now I am looking for typos, glitches and other common literary diseases. Already at chapter 7/12. This is my second last draft, I hope. At this stage I joined an online critique group, and submitted a query letter to query shark, and other similar critique blogs. 
Post Title. 07/11/2011
Finished editing chapter 12. When you are editing the climax of your novel, make sure that the actions leading up to it, and the reaction from it are appropriate. If your character saves the world, they cannot just go for a celebratory cappuccino at Starbucks, (though that is what I would do after saving the world.) The Climax obviously means Something to your main character, so let them dwell on it and decide what they are going to do next.
Editing 07/09/2011
Chapter 11 edit done, 2 to go. If you are a aspiring writer tell me where you are at your novel. Encouragement is the best way to get though the writing process.